Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Episode 23 - Facebook Crimes and Misdemeanors

Most people these days have a Facebook account.  Some are still active and some have since parted ways with the social media giant.

Ah Facebook, the granddaddy of social media that we all love to hate and hate to love. So many people get annoyed with the postings and behaviours of others.

Recently the “Skeleton Crew” sat down to air their grievances about what annoyed them about Facebook.

And grieve they did.  From oversharing, to food pictures to birthday wishes for people no one knows about.  Unfriendings that no one heeds to “Let me Google That For You”.

So many Facebook irritants, you’ll be hard pressed to not find at least one that’s pissed you off.

Come along for this rollercoaster ride of rants.  If we’ve missed any, please tweet at us @crewroundtable or email us crewroundtable@gmail.com .

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All this and more in another fantastic episode of “Crew Roundtable”!

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