Thursday, December 21, 2017

Crew Roundtable Bites - Ep8 - Fake News and Real Research

“Fake News” is the zeitgeist of social media! It is incredibly easy in our always-on, connected world to spread lies.  Even respected news organizations fall victim to fake news.  Legitimate journalists sometimes knowingly spread fake news. When they do, and are found out, punishment is swift to maintain journalistic integrity by the publisher of those fake news reports.  

What about news spread by people who do NOT claim to be journalists?  What about bloggers, facebook posts, random tweets – is there a way to tell what is fake news, and what is a legitimate news report?  How does a news consumer discern between honest reporting which can in good faith report an erroneous fact, and a full blown intention to deceive by knowingly reporting falsehoods?    

How does one root out truth in a seemingly overwhelming pile of lies?

JR and Gino discuss the concept of fake news, give free plugs to some news outlets they enjoy, and present tips to help you determine if what you are consuming is real or fake news.  Is that news story too good to be true?  It probably is…

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