Thursday, February 9, 2017

Episode 14 - Bee Apocalypse and Vertical Farming

Special DOUBLE topic!

Where are all the bees?

Since the mid-2000s, reports surfaced about pressures on the bee population. Whole hives were found barren, farmers noticed lack of bees to pollinate their crops, and no ready solution was available. Parasites and pesticides are supposedly to blame, but is there another side to that story?

Bees are a vital cog in the agriculture machine that helps feed humanity. Toronto has become a hub of bee keeping enthusiasts to promote, protect, and grow the bee population to aid agriculture and business.

Vertical farming, on the other hand, uses no bees to produce food. A vertical farm is a completely controlled indoor growing process which can drastically increase yields of certain crops and does not rely on bees to pollinate plants.

What are the costs, is this sustainable, where is it practiced today, and is it really a closed system? Can vertical farming become a successful business to help feed humanity?

All this and more in another fantastic episode of!

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