Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Crew Round Table Bites: Ep 1 - Gender Pronouns

Prof. Jordan Peterson has angered many in and outside U of T with his refusal to use gender-neutral terms.  In doing so he has ignited a debate as to how far do we get to define ourselves.  How much weight do our self-descriptions and do others get to redefine us?

At the heart of the debate is the transgender community, fighting for their right to have their self-description acknowledged and respected.  Essentially fighting for their right to exist on their own terms.

Opposing them are groups who feel there are limits to how we can define ourselves.  Can a human be gender neutral?  Can a white person define themselves as black?  Can an able bodied person define themselves as special needs?  And is it a hate crime to ignore their definition and substitute your own?

Gino and JR debate this topic here on the first episode of Crew Round Table Bites, and discuss what freedom of speech really is, and when does disagreement become harassment and a hate crime.

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